Sedation Dentistry

Relax With Your Next Dental Procedure: Sedation Dentistry

A visit to the dentist office is one of the most popular phobias in existence. People with dental issues often avoid scheduling a visit for as long as possible, often suffering with severe toothaches and allowing problems to worsen. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the anxiety associated with visiting the dentist.

Sedation dentistry allows even the most anxious patients to relax and enjoy the benefits of regular dental visits. We want patients to understand there is no substitute for complete dental care and even the most vigilant brushers and flossers still need their semi-annual dental cleanings. Sedation dentistry means patients can maintain their dental health and be proactive in finding dental issues early without the anxiety they would otherwise feel at the prospect of visiting the dentist.

How does sedation dentistry work?

Sedation dentistry uses nitrous oxide gas to relax a patient during the visit. This gas is safe and sometimes called laughing gas. It creates a feeling of relaxation and soothes the patient’s nerves while dental work is performed. Patients often report “losing time” during their appointment and a procedure that takes an hour or more might seem to pass in just a few minutes.

How do you know you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry?

  • You suffer from an intense fear of visiting the dentist
  • Your fear of the dentist has interfered with your dental health
  • You experience anxiety when near dental instruments
  • You have extremely sensitive teeth
  • You have a sensitive gag reflex
  • You suffer from back or neck pain that makes a dental exam uncomfortable

We want patients to understand that fear and anxiety should never interfere with dental health. We offer a safe solution for easing the fear many people have of visiting the dentist and hope it encourages more people to schedule their semi-annual cleanings and seek treatment for chronic problems they have ignored for years. If would like to know more about how sedation dentistry can help you improve your dental health, contact us today.

Should you ever need additional information about our practice, we are always available to answer your questions. Let us care for your entire family! We look forward to meeting you.

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