At Grand Family Dentistry, we offer a range of top-quality dental care services near Hammond. At our practice, every patient receives personalized dental care treatment plans, ensuring tailored solutions and desired outcomes. Before initiating any treatment, the first thing we do is focus on understanding your unique health needs and concerns. This comprehensive approach enables us to not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring your satisfaction and well-being throughout your dental care journey.

About Hammond

Situated in the heart of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, Hammond stands as a vibrant city. Hammond is home to approximately 21,000 residents. Located just 45 miles north of the bustling city of New Orleans, Hammond boasts a unique charm and character all its own. Central to its identity is the esteemed University of Southeastern Louisiana, of which the central campus graces the cityscape, enriching the community with academic excellence and cultural diversity. Hammond owes its name to Peter Hammond, a pioneering European settler hailing from Sweden. Renowned for his ingenuity, Peter Hammond transformed the land into a thriving tree plantation, specializing in the production of lumber, charcoal and ship masts. Today, Hammond continues to flourish as a hub of education, commerce and community spirit, offering residents and visitors alike a blend of rich history, natural beauty and modern amenities.

Benefits of Professional Dental Services Near Hammond

Access to quality dental services near Hammond ensures optimal oral health for you and your family. Regular dental exams, typically recommended every six months, are crucial for detecting and preventing issues such as cavities and gum disease. With conveniently located dental services, maintaining excellent oral health becomes effortless. We go beyond routine care to offer orthodontic services, ensuring well-aligned teeth and a confident smile. This can positively impact both your social and professional life. We also offer cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, restorative dentistry and pediatric dentistry so the whole family can be treated all in one place.

Why Choose Grand Family Dentistry?

Everyone deserves to have a smile they love. Our dentists and team come with a wealth of experience, knowledge and excellent bedside manner. We work hard to ensure that your experience at the dentist near Hammond is nothing short of positive from the moment you book your appointment to when you leave our offices.

At our dental practice, we use the latest technology to ensure that all our procedures are as comfortable as possible for our patients. Additionally, we are cognizant of your scheduling needs. We understand that everyone has a busy schedule! We will do our best to work around the timing that is best for you and fit you in to see a doctor at one of our locations.

If you have questions about our dental services near Hammond, please do not hesitate to contact us today at 985-231-5390.

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