Toothache Care

Toothache pain can range from mild to severe, and might be caused by a variety of issues. In most cases, toothaches are not serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room. Since ER trips are expensive and accomplish little in the way of solving dental problems, you are better off controlling the pain until you can schedule an emergency dentist visit.

Toothache pain

How do I relieve the pain from a toothache?

A mild toothache can often be cured by cleaning the mouth. Brush and floss the affected area and rinse with warm water. Sometimes debris becomes stuck between teeth and aggravates an existing problem. Removing the debris can be enough to relieve the pain. Never place aspirin or any other type of painkiller directly on a tooth or the gums to relieve pain. It can damage the delicate tissue and worsen the existing problem.

Over the counter pain relief medications are usually very effective for easing tooth pain. If these medications are safe for you, take them as directed until the pain subsides. Cold compresses might also help the pain, especially if there is bruising or injury on the face associated with the toothache. If you have been injured and there is bleeding or swelling, a trip to the emergency room might be necessary.

It is important to schedule a visit to the dentist if you are experiencing tooth pain, especially if you are unsure of the problem. A toothache can indicate decay, infection, or other problems which will worsen if not treated properly. We can perform a complete dental exam that includes x-rays, which make it possible to see what is causing the pain. We can also provide a variety of treatments that will ease the pain and alleviate the problem causing the pain.

If you need to schedule an emergency dentist visit or a chronic toothache has been bothering you, contact us for same day dentist services or to schedule an examination.

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