Cracked & Fractured Teeth Repair

Cracked or fractured teeth can invoke panic and leave you feeling self-conscious, but they are usually not a serious medical problem. In nearly every case, a cracked tooth can be repaired. If a tooth fractures, it is important to clean any debris or blood from the mouth. Use warm water to rinse out your mouth and to rinse the tooth, as well. If there is pain, you can apply a cold press to the affected area and take over the counter painkillers to reduce pain and swelling.

Fractured Tooth Guide

In some cases, tooth fractures are very minor and can be sanded down to smooth any rough or jagged edges. As long as the tooth pulp has not been damaged, the process of restoring a fractured tooth is fairly simple.

What should I do if an injury to the mouth is serious?

For more serious injuries, it might be necessary to schedule an emergency dentist visit. Again, rinse with warm water and take any necessary measures to reduce pain. It is usually not necessary to go to the emergency room for a cracked or chipped tooth, but if the problem is accompanied by a cut, swelling, or other injury to the mouth and face, it might be a good idea to have things checked out prior to a dental visit.

What should I do if my child's tooth is fractured or loosened?

Obviously, when children loosen or dislocate a tooth, it is rarely a serious problem, since the teeth are not permanent. However, it can be a frightening experience. If an injury results in a fractured or cracked primary tooth, you should schedule a dental exam as soon as possible to determine if sanding is needed. A jagged edge could result in your child cutting his or her lips, gums, or cheeks.

If a tooth becomes loose prematurely from an injury, you can help your child remove the tooth gently by having him or her bite into a sticky or dense food. Sometimes a bite of an apple is enough to completely dislodge a loose primary tooth.

If you or your child has fractured a tooth, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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