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The dentists of Grand Family Dentistry in Baton Rouge and Mandeville provide kids pediatric dentistry and orthodontics services to examine your child’s teeth to ensure good dental health. Contact us for your child’s dentist appointment! Some parents assume that because “baby teeth” are not permanent, there is no need for dental visits and dental care for their children. This is not true! Maintaining your child’s dental health when he or she is young reduces the risk for dental problems as the child grows older. Primary teeth help guide permanent teeth into place. They serve as placeholders, but are also functional for the first several years of your child’s life. Most kids have a blend of primary and permanent teeth until early adolescence, so it is important to protect the health of these early teeth. Contact us for your child’s dentist appointment.

When should your child have his or her first pediatric dentistry appointment?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a child’s first dental checkup occur before the age of one. This first visit introduces children to the dentist, allows the dentist to check for cavities and ensure proper development is occurring, and can reduce the anxiety associated with dental office visits later in life.

It is possible for babies and children to experience tooth decay. This is known as Early Childhood Caries and it develops rapidly. The soft inner layer of the tooth can be damaged in as little as six months, so it is important a dentist examine your child’s teeth to ensure good dental health.

What occurs during a kids pediatric dentistry appointment?

In addition to the general examination, a child’s dentist appointment might include a variety of dental treatments. These treatments are used to prevent tooth decay and repair any damage that has occurred. Common treatments include:

  • Topical fluoride: applies a concentrated solution of fluoride to a child’s teeth in order to strengthen tooth enamel
  • Dental sealants: seals the tiny crevices on the chewing surface of back teeth to prevent cavities
  • Bonding: repairs chips and fractures in damaged teeth
  • Root canal treatment: saves an injured or decaying tooth

Most kids pediatric dentists are able to recognize potential orthodontic issues before a child’s tenth birthday. If a child receives early orthodontic treatment between the ages of seven and ten, he or she might avoid issues with tooth positioning or jaw growth. Later, more expensive treatment might not be necessary if a problem is dealt with early enough in a child’s life.

Children’s dental health is an important part of family kids pediatric dentistry. If your child has not yet visited the dentist, call us to schedule an appointment.

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