Technical Details

Dentists, Oral Surgeons, and the technically-curious often ask us “exactly how does the Save-a-Tooth® system work its magic for saving teeth?”

The key is understanding what happens when an avulsion (that’s the technical name of a knocked-out tooth) occurs, as seen in this illustration:

Once the tooth has been knocked loose in the accident, the PDL fibers that previously bound the tooth to the jaw have been severed. However, if the avulsed tooth is treated properly, these fibers will (lucky for us humans!) bond the tooth back in place, but only if the correct steps are followed. The PDL fibers, however, are extraordinarily delicate outside their native environment and it’s unfortunately quite easy to kill these cells before re-implantation can be done. The trick, therefore, is to properly cushion and nurture these PDL cells during transport so that they stay as healthy as possible and thereby greatly increase the chance that the tooth can be re-implanted and survive long-term.

Save-a-Tooth® solves this problem using six key elements in its system

Hanks Balanced Salt Solution – (“HBSS”) is the special formulation we use that matches the osmolality of the cells of the tooth root. Not only does it keep the tooth alive, it nourishes the cells until re-implantation, giving the tooth maximum chance of survival and vastly decreasing the resorption rate.

ShatterProof Case – The shatterproof case holds the HBSS and the non abrasive net. If dropped the system is guaranteed not to shatter unlike other improvised containers like plastic or glass.

Removable Net – inside the system makes it easy for the dentist to find the tooth without damaging the root. The net suspends the teeth and at the same time permits atraumatic cleaning of debris off the root. The netting also keeps the tooth safe during transport and it decreases the resorption rate by preserving more cells on the tooth root that are otherwise damaged by abrasion.

Cap Liner – The soft cap liner will keep the tooth safe from damage if the system is jostled. It also offers a safe and sterile place for the dentist to place the tooth when removing it from the system.

Sterile Seal – The sterile seal keeps the HBSS solution fresh and contaminant free until the time of use.